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Sagar A. Patel

Sagar A. Patel, Business Unit President, Fuel Systems and Controls

Sagar Patel is Woodward’s Business Unit President, Fuel Systems and Controls. A Woodward member since June, 2011, Mr. Patel has also held the position of Aircraft Turbine Systems President. He is experienced in aviation, transportation, and energy products and industries.

Mr. Patel joined Woodward from General Electric, where he last served as President, Mechanical Systems, GE Aviation in Cincinnati, OH. At GE's Aviation and Transportation businesses, Sagar held roles with increasing responsibilities in engineering, operations, services, and P&L management and has more than 25 years of industrial experience.

Mr. Patel has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, PA and a Bachelor’s degree in Controls and Instrumentation Engineering from Gujarat University in India.